Neue Produkte im September 2019

2019-10-15 11:21:00 / Neue Produkte

SteriWare Long Handled Spoons are ideal for reaching into large containers or difficult to reach places. Each spoon has a robust 300mm handle. The bowl is available either with a straight or an offset profile. The offset version aids pouring.

SteriWare Long Handled Scoops are the ideal tool for reaching into deep containers. The extra long handle will help operators keep their hands out of the product to prevent contamination. Another clear advantage of a long handle is that it makes the scoop highly visible if left in the powder.

The disposable Mono Slot Sampler is ideal for taking a single sample from free flowing powders and granules.

The Mono Slot Sampler is designed to take a 50ml sample. The sampling slot is positioned near the tip of the sampler.

Our range of high quality graduated jugs have been extended with the introduction of a 1 litre size. They are designed to be used straight from the bag, no cleaning is required.

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