is the brand of the sampling solutions we offer.

GMP means "Good Manufacturing Practice", a term that has been introduced by the US authority FDA in 1962. It's synonym for a number of rules and guidelines that have to be respected when producing sensititive products like pharmaceuticals, food or cosmetics. The aim is to produce these products in a contant and reliable quality. It's evident to verify the quality by doing a frequent and representative SAMPLING on a long term basis.

Sampling systems for representative sampling

If a sample of a substance or material is taken, this is referred to as a sampling or a sampling. Originally used for sampling in order to determine the properties of a sample in subsequent analyses, the term sampling has developed into a generic term that describes the entire range. Whenever a representative sample is taken and analyzed, this is referred to as a representative sampling.

The rules for representative sampling lay down standards, laws but also internal company guidelines, for example for quality assurance. With the aid of a representative sample, reliable statements can be made about the nature, composition or quality of the total quantity to be assessed.

The development concept

Our aim is to develop products for our customers that not only reliably fulfil the desired properties in daily operation, but are also as easy as possible to handle. This applies to installation, operation, maintenance and cleaning. With a little technical understanding and craftsmanship, almost every one of your employees is immediately able to install and maintain our samplers while complying with sampling regulations.

Keep it Simple

For this reason, care is taken during the design phase to ensure that as few materials as possible are used - but still of the highest quality. This not only facilitates cleaning (keyword: chemical resistance), but also the handling of our samplers and thus guarantees their longevity.

Spare parts

Possible wear parts, such as seals and bearings, are of course kept in stock for you. A spare part recommendation for "first aid" is available upon request. For applications which do not allow any delay due to the production or process sequence, we recommend ordering a spare sampling device for unforeseen situations.

Under the brand name GMP Sampling we have been selling our range of manual samplers since 2002.