Control box pneumatic samplers (cylinder) (external start)

The electrical control components are accommodated in a Rittal control cabinet 500Hx400Bx210T (steel painted in RAL 7035). The scope of delivery includes: Pre-wired control cabinet equipped with: Siemens Logo control without Siemens Logo TextDisplay Siemens Logo power supply unit 24V DC / 4A incl. primary and secondary fuses Festo pneumatic valve 5/2 way monostable The parameter settings for the sampling time and for the pause time can be can be set directly on the logo. The setting "Number of samples" is not necessary, since the sampler is is controlled by the external control. The following controls are included: Selector switch or, if required, key selector switch Operating mode. "Manual/Auto Button sampling Indicator light Malfunction Indicator lamp ready for operation The operating and display elements are arranged in the control cabinet door. For the interface to the higher-level control system of the operator the following signals are connected to the terminal as potential-free contacts. - Digital Input External Start - Digital output Sampler ready for operation - Digital output sampler fault The integration of these signals into the operator's control system is not part of the scope of supply. part of the scope of supply. The pneumatic valve for the sampler is mounted in the control cabinet. . For the connection of the operator's compressed air and for the connection of the sampler cylinder, pluggable connection of the sampler cylinder, pluggable bulkhead screw connections for 8 hose connection are installed in the control cabinet. The programming is done with the Siemens Logo software.
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