JetSampler for granules in Bigbags

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Sampling System for manual sampling of bulk solids in big bags, octabins etc.
Lenght of sampling lance 2000mm = maximum accessible penetretration depth. Material: Anodized Aluminium.
Length of tubing/hoses 6 meters as standard, longer possible.
Operated by industrial vacuumer 230VAC/1500Watts. Sample is collected in a 12 liters plastic bucket. 5 buckets supplied.
Operation: A strong circulating air flow conveys the sample from the tip of the lance thru the tubing to a cylone integrated in the stainless cabinet. The particles are separated from air and then collected in the bucket.
The sample quantity corresponds to the volume of a 50mm cylinder in the container, i.e. at 1 meter height approx. 1.963 litres

Category: Samplers for powders & granules

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Would you like to finally know what is really in a BigBag, octabin or other container and quickly obtain a representative sample? Then the JETSAMPLER is the ideal solution for you!

The JETSAMPLER is based on the proven concept of machanized truck samplera. A powerful, circulating air stream conveys the bulk material sitting in front of the lance tip through the lance and hose lines to the cyclone separator located in the stainless steel cabinet. There the bulk material is separated into the collection container and the air passes the blower and then flows back to the lance. The sampler therefore does not "suck in" the product, but the rapidly circulating air is only used as a transport medium. The sample is a representative cross-sectional sample from the product.
The JETSAMPLER consists of three modules: Stainless steel cabinet with blower, sample collecting bin and cyclone separator.
Hose line, double, 5 meters.  Sampling lance made of anodized Aluminium

The advantages:

  • Gentle sample taking, no mechanical stress on the bulk material, no heating
  • Effortless penetration into the bulk material even with highly compacted, dense products and containers.
  • Representative cross-sectional samples from top to bottom.
  • Can be used both horizontally or vertically.
  • Modular design, various lance and hose lengths possible.
  • Fast and representative sampling of many containers in a short period of time.

The JETSAMPLER is suitable for all bulk materials with particle sizes up to approx. 8mm such as

  • coffee
  • Plastic granules
  • Mineral feed
  • Agricultural products such as cereals, corn, soybeans, peanuts
  • Aggregates and sand
  • Recycling materials, catalysts

This shows the operation. We offer to conduct a test with your specific product(s). Please feel free to contact us to find out more.

Video showing the operation with shreddered polyamide granulate:

Datenblatt JetSampler


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