JetSampler for granules in Bigbags

Sampling System for manual sampling of bulk solids in big bags, octabins etc.
Lenght of sampling lance 2000mm = maximum accessible penetretration depth. Material: Anodized Aluminium.
Length of tubing/hoses 6 meters as standard, longer possible.
Operated by industrial vacuumer 230VAC/1500Watts. Sample is collected in a 12 liters plastic bucket. 5 buckets supplied.
Operation: A strong circulating air flow conveys the sample from the tip of the lance thru the tubing to a cylone integrated in the stainless cabinet. The particles are separated from air and then collected in the bucket.
The sample quantity corresponds to the volume of a 50mm cylinder in the container, i.e. at 1 meter height approx. 1.963 litres
7.250,00 €
excl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs